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May Day: A List of Live-Streamed Activities


Today is May Day, a holiday where workers alike across the globe both celebrate solidarity and go out into the streets in protest of workers rights. In cities everywhere, from the U.S. to Japan, activities including general strikes are held through out the day, some lasting late into the night. The list provided in this post contains links to live streams of activities from across the globe, in order for you to gain some insight on what the holiday looks like in different regions. The list will hopefully be expanded as the day goes on.


@TimCast is broadcasting live from Brooklyn, New York, where a large group of general protesters and celebrators are out & about:

@StopMotionSolo also has a live stream of the New York events:

@subverso broadcasting from Chicago, where there is a large presence of both protesters and police:

– Another Chicago stream from an unknown user: has a stream capturing scenes from multiple cities in the U.S. at times, mostly Chicago and NYC so far.

– Live broadcast of action in Portland, Oregon: [going off air very frequently] — A local news affiliate is apparently keeping track on a reportedly “unpermitted march”, which their daily broadcast should be including here:

@organizerx plans to provide a live stream of activities from Washington DC in the late afternoon, viewable here:

– A May Day event, heavy on immigration reform protests in Portland, Maine:—livestream-by-seekveracity

– A May Day livestream from Occupy Idaho:

– A live stream from Mexico City, Mexico:

– Protests looking extremely large in Madrid, Spain:

– Activities in Cairo, Egypt can be seen from one of the following links: |

– An anti-fascist groupĀ  is attempting to block a Neo-Nazi march in Berlin, Germany:

– A quaint protest in Dublin, Ireland:


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