Photo Gallery

The gpfather of Egypt's now vibrant blogosphere, Wael Abbas, has lived under threat since he began blogging in 2004. He paved the way for a new generation of 'Netizens' who spurred the beginning of a revolution. Abbas, who is watching the revolutions closely, told NEWSWEEK, "I'm gaining hope again." (Caption and image from Newsweek)

Egyptian opposition supporters near Twitter graffiti in Tahrir Square, Cairo, in February. Social networking sites were used to help organise opposition demonstrations. (Captiona and image from The Gaurdian, photograph by Steve Crisp/Reuters)

Syrian cyber activist 'Rami Nakhle' is one hub of a network of activists using social media to make sure the voice of protesters in Syria is not silenced by the regime (Caption and image from Al Jazeera, photo taken by Hugh Macleod)

Egyptian Blogger Abdel Karim Nabil Suleiman was sentenced to four years in prison and allegedly tortured for his outspoken blogging against the government in February 2007. He was imprisoned for over 1000 days, and was the first known blogger to stand trial in Egypt for his internet-based content. (Image from AP Newswire)


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